TAAL Aerodrome provides vehicle testing tracks in india. Any manufacturer, who intends to produce a vehicle for use on road and needs a registration by the relevant transport authority, would require a compliance certificate to Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR).

TAAL offers a safe and private facility for vehicle testing tracks in india and for our customers to carry out the required tests.
  • The runway at TAAL is 2.2 Kilometres in length and 45 meters wide and s the perfect location for your testing requirements.
  • The runway allows our customers to perform real life simulation tests such as the Elk and Slalom Tests.
  • Customers have ample space to gather information about their vehicles acceleration, braking and handling capabilities.
  • The runway is also be utilized for NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) tests.
  • The site has a 24/7 security protocol. Additionally TAAL will ensure that you have sole access to the runway during the period of your testing. This ensures all your testing can be conducted without any interference from the public or competition.

The field of application

  • Testing of motorcycles
  • Testing of commercial vehicles up to 13pt. axle load with one, two or three driven axles
  • Testing of passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles up to 3t. axle load with one or two driven axles


  • Test track (Runway) of 45 m width and 2168, with µ(average) 0.68 (0.54 ~ 0.74)
  • Additional tracks of 23 m width and 160 m length joining the main track
  • Additional track of 18 m width and 350 m length and 11 m wide and 150 m length, joining the main track with µ more than 0.82 (not measured)
  • Outside our premises, we get roads with patches, Potholes, rough surfaces with single land (less traffic) and two lane (frequent traffic), which can be used

Types of Testing

  • Dry Road Surface (High & Medium Friction surface)
  • Wet Road Surface (High & Medium Friction surface) – we can simulate the conditions by flooding / sprinkling water using our Fire tender (New arrangement)
  • Ride, Handling & Noise for both dry and wet conditions
  • Braking
  • High speed tests / Fast Mode Tests
  • Tyre Tests

We are pleased to inform you that our
management is considering creating a full-fledged test-track
for all your testing needs.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements

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