Para Motoring

Ever wondered how it feels like flying on a Paramotoring at over 1000 feet above the ground?

TAAL Aerodrome gives you the opportunity of adventure sports near Bangalore. Enjoy the thrills and experience of free flying in the sky like a bird enjoying the magnificent views of the surroundings. The instructor will brief you on the safety instructions which will help you during your flight.

Paramotoring in Bangalore offers a thrilling experience of flying over Bangalore. At TAAL Aerodrome we provide Para motoring training and licence. Paramotoring lets you experience the feel of paragliding. The paramotoring unit consists of an engine, which produces thrusts to fly and remain in sky though there is no uplift winds or valley to launch a flight. This adventurous activity is suitable for experienced fliers and for beginners tandem flights with trained professionals can be provided. This exciting flight offers beautiful birds eye view of Bangalore. Recommended for adventure seekers, offbeat travellers.
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