TAAL Aerodrome is a must for all keen radio control aero modellers and flyers living in the Bangalore area and beyond. The satisfaction of building an airframe from a variety of strong yet light materials, covering it, fitting the radio control gear, running in and testing, trimming it out, flying it satisfactorily and finally bringing it down to earth in one piece without causing damage to other people, property or yourself is wonderful and of course essential! It is extremely satisfying!
At the aerodrome we offer you -
  • A chance to use our runway to flight takeoff and landing
  • Access to the airspace above our 250 acres site.
  • Permission to drive all the way up to the runway, so you don’t have to haul your equipment around.

Additionally we invite groups to start a flying club at the Aerodrome. To discuss using the site or starting a flying club, please get in touch.
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TAAL Aerodrome

Belagondapalli Village,
Thally Road, Denkanikotta Taluk,

+91 (0) 9923022910

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