Aerial Surveys & Photography

Aerial photography involves taking vertical photographs from the air with a calibrated survey camera of a project site in order to complete a survey. Survey Graphics can use existing or complete new aerial photography and provide from that exceptional detail including ground profiles, DEMs and digital photomaps.

Benefits of Aerial Surveys & Photography

  • Provides coverage of the largest areas
  • Less time consuming
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Provides the greatest detail

Why TAAL Aerodrome
  • UAV's in India, legally should have a licenced pilot at the controls - TAAL has acess to pilots from its air charter company TAAL Enterprise.
  • TAAL Aerodrome, has its own ATC and manages all traffic in and out of the Aerodrome. Test flights for UAV's and Drones can be conducted without the paperwork of a public airfield.
  • TAAL Aerodrome has sufficient hanger space for safe storage of the equipment.
  • We are centrally located and less than an hour away from Bangalore.

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